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I have always been in love with reading. When I was younger, I would push myself to read an entire Magic Treehouse book in one night, but there was a time when I fell out of touch with books (I call that the Dark Times). Anyways, when I was in the seventh grade, my father was diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say, reality became way too much for me and I discovered that I needed an escape.

My friends were reading Twilight at the time and recommended I read it. I remember picking the book up in Books A Million and asking my mom to buy it. She looked at the size of the book and didn't think I would be able to read it. I was so determined to prove her wrong, so I bought the book and my romance with the Young Adult genre began.

In my middle school years, I read so many books that my parents had to build me a bookshelf and even that wasn't enough to contain the amount of books I collected over the years. And I'm sure my collection has quadrupled since then now that I am well into my collegiate years.

Now, I use my vast reading powers for the good of other readers by writing reviews and hopefully bringing in more readers to the wonderful world of Young Adult. There's so much to discover, which is why I review every book from cover to cover.

You can find me on twitter @c2cbookreviews and instagram @covertocoverreviews

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