Thursday, September 3, 2015

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas Review

Hello, lovelies! Today, I have finished the most anticipated book of September on my list, Queen of Shadows by the amazing author Sarah J. Maas.

This is one of my most favorite series ever and this book definitely tops the charts. In case you haven't been keeping up with the blog, over the past seven days before the release, Cover to Cover Reviews hosted a countdown to the release, and I must say, now that I've read it, that this book was definitely worth the wait.


Celaena Sardothein, now going by Aelin, has returned for her trip across the seas where she has embraced the side of her she was taught to keep down by Aborynn who is King of the Assassins and she is finally ready to claim her kingdom (insert screaming here!)

There were so many things left off in Heir of Fire that are finally addressed here. For instance, what did Chaol do when he left the palace? What the hell happened to Dorian? How's the Rowan and Aelin thing going to work out? And what about all those characters from the novellas? Well, thank you Sarah J. Maas for answering all of those questions.

Chaol has become leader of the rebels; Dorian is completely enslaved by his father, although he does try to fight it at first; and Rowan and Aelin totally become a thing (thank the Gods this ship has sailed!); not to mention the lovely end-tying she did regarding the characters we met in the novellas.

Now, I don't have anything bad to say about this book. Sorry, I just don't. I love being honest, and so I will be. I LOVED this book and I'm already ready for the fifth installment.

I loved how Maas brought in characters from the novellas, particularly Lysandra. Lysandra was really the only one to make an appearance and actually become a character and more than just a cameo (like the Red Desert story). She quickly became one of my favorite characters. First, she'd been through hell in a hand basket and here she is, still standing. You got to give that shape-shifter props! Speaking of shape-shifting, that was such a surprise, but a welcome one nonetheless. It would make complete sense that when magic was outlawed, many different things happened and they got stuck the way they were.

Now, Chaol really angered me in the beginning. He was so angry with Aelin and I was just like, "Get over it dude. It is what it is." But I get where he's coming from. In any society, change and things that are different are scary. People like what they know and when they don't know something, they usually run the other way - just look at the US now, or rather a year ago. People don't like things they can't control. It would have been a lie for Maas to write Chaol just falling in line with all this. With everyone falling in line with all this, even.

One thing that I'm not sure where it stands on the love/hate scale is how I felt like this installment took place in a completely different world than the first three, even though it didn't. And I think I know why. Celaena was the protagonist in those first three books. She was the Assassin and a spunky teenager who learned to look out for herself and only herself. In Heir of Fire, we start to see that shift in world's as I put it, where Celaena is becoming Aelin. And as the protagonist shifts faces, the atmosphere of the story completely changed. I'm not sure if I love it or hate it, but I get it. If that makes any sense.

However, I am cursing Maas' name for one reason and one reason only: all the questions I have left now that I've finished the book! What's going to happen to Dorian and Chaol? Are Aelin and Rowan ever going to officially be together? What's left of Terrasen? How is this going to work? Where are her people? Do Lysandra and Aedion ever get together because I totally ship that? What about Evangeline? And can we talk about the witches? Is there really going to be a war? Because I still don't believe Manon is going to side against Aelin in the final showdown.

I guess that's why she's written a sequel. Please, book five, get here soon!

And that's how I feel now that I've read Queen of Shadows cover to cover! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! And keep checking back and follow me on social media to get updates for the newest reviews and other fun stuff!

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