Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1. When Rowan Sees the Scars on Celaena's Back

Eek! It's here! Queen of Shadows is here! (For your information, this post was written in advance because I cannot be bothered right now because I am reading this book!) With this highly anticipated fourth installment in the Throne of Glass series, comes the final fave moment from the series in our countdown.

I would like to first thank all of you for sticking it out and checking back every day to see what we over here at Cover to Cover Reviews have to say about this series. Remember, you are more than welcome to post comments! We really like hearing what you have to say! Of course, I'm sure many of you are probably not reading this as well today because, like me, you're off reading the book, but I hope you checked back after you finished!

Now. Without further adieu. The number one favorite moment from the Throne of Glass series is...the time in Heir of Fire where Rowan notices that Celaena - who is a princess - has been a slave before (internal screaming).

Now, I was a die-hard Chaol + Celaena shipper. Their being together was the only thing I wanted for two and a half books. But then I met Rowan. And ohmygod there is nothing I want more than for them to be together. Regardless of if it happens or not, I really like the relationship forming between them. They are equals on so many levels. They're both warriors and princes/princesses. They each have such a hard head and are completely stubborn, but are willing to die for the people they love and care about.

While there are plenty of more moments in Heir of Fire where Rowan and Celaena cause me to go into fangirl mode, this moment was the one that kicked it all off. Rowan has been constantly teasing and harassing Celaena for being a princess and spoiled. And I really hated him for it for the longest period of time because I knew what she'd been through since I was basically there for it. But then he sees her back. All those scars. And everything between them is forever changed.

It was such an intimate moment that I felt almost strange for witnessing, but that was the beauty in it. This is my favorite moment because it was raw and defining. It's starting so much that I wish Sarah J. Maas would just send me all of her plans for the series so I just know. It sparks want in readers and hope in the story.

Queen of Shadows goes on sale today! So make sure you have your copy, if you don't already!.

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