Monday, August 31, 2015

2. When Celaena Decided to Stay and Fight in Heir of Fire

We're down to the top two! And the number two spot goes to the point in Heir of Fire where Celaena fights as the compound is getting raided, but she does it by using her magic and nearly killing herself.

I really love this particular scene because it really shows her newfound character in this story. She hates her magic. She hates the fae side of herself, but here she is, embracing it, for the safety of the people inside the walls of the compound.

This entire book is extremely important to the story for many reasons. The entire story is taking a completely different turn by bringing in magic and Rowan (hello, dreamboat) and we get to see all of these things affecting our beloved protagonist as she transforms from Adarlan's Assassin to the hero, and rising queen, she was born to be.

I am so incredibly excited for the release tomorrow! Number 1 on the countdown will be shared with you then, and remember to get your copy of Queen of Shadows as soon as it goes on sale! I have a feeling this installment is not one to be missed!

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