Wednesday, August 19, 2015

10 Reasons Why Splintered Should Be Your New Favorite Book

Splintered by A. G. Howard is one of my favorite book series. I constantly “stalk” the author online in hopes of finding out any cool new information. And I’m not the only person out there that has fallen in love with the twisted new version of Alice in Wonderland tales. If you read it, you are guaranteed to fall head over heels. And here are ten reasons why you should be falling in love just like the rest of us.

1. It’s Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a story that has been used to inspire countless pieces of art. Whether it be physical art, musical art, or the art of writing, Alice in Wonderland literally cannot die. And while there are so many artistic interpretations all over the world, A. G. Howard has taken the cake for one of the best novel renditions of this story.

2. It’s dark and creepy

I say this with every ounce of love. It’s so dark, so twisted, so creepy, but it’s done perfectly to where I’m not having nightmares, but dreams of being drawn in to that world. Howard weaves a world where bugs can talk and things are scary and I loved every second of it.

3. The characters are incredibly unique

I could write an entire post, better yet a senior thesis paper, on the characters in this book. Alyssa Gardner is literally goals in her courage and madness. Morpheus is not only the bad boy stereotype, but he’s got so many layers that are revealed throughout the course of the series. Jeb is just a guy who got involved with the wrong girl, but that doesn't stop him. Alyssa’s mom is probably one of the most interesting characters because she sacrificed her life and went into an asylum to protect her daughter and her family as a whole. Her father is so dedicated to his family that it makes one’s heart swell. And the characters introduced to us in “Wonderland” are so different from what we had always thought (I’m looking at you White Rabbit). She makes the creepy and slightly disgusting adorable and I literally want a White Rabbit of my own, now.

4. The world is incredibly unique

A. G. Howard creates a world that is so complex, that I can’t really explain much further without ruining the book for you. Let’s just say, you’ll feel the familiarity of the world when you first enter it, but when you leave, you’ll start to question reality in and of itself. Just take my word for it.

5. The romance in this book is perfection

While love triangles are super present in YA and kind of cliche these days but we still love it, the love triangle in this book is unlike any you have ever read. Sure there are similarities to other best selling books with love triangles, but these characters make it entirely their own. And everyone needs a little twisted romance in their life, right?

6. The family is not forgotten and is, in fact, the most important part of this story

A YA tactic often used is when the protagonist disconnects herself from her family. While Alyssa may try to go that right, she shows us that family will always be there and you can’t just write them out. In fact, her family is so important to the story that they can’t just disappear. This is such a complex story and the family is only one layer.

7. The bad guys have a story too (and you most likely end up feeling for them)

Red Queen. Enough said.

8. There is plenty of action and adventure to curve even your strongest craving for it

Ah, I love action. I love fight scenes. And A. G. Howard does not disappoint. And the entire story is just one giant adventure that if I elaborated on, I would ruin for you.

9. The fashion reminds you of a time that we all went through and {now} remember fondly

Do you remember seventh grade? When wearing all black and/or steampunk clothing was ideal. You literally wanted to be taken out of a dark Alice in Wonderland themed drawing. Let’s be honest, not all of us grew out of that phase. This story brings all of it back in to perspective and you get the urge to go pull out those black and white striped tights.

10. The protagonist is one we can all get behind and support throughout the entire story

Alyssa Gardner, as I said, is courageous even when she succumbs to the madness of Wonderland. She is willing to do anything for her family and the ones she loves. And that’s someone we all can aspire to be like.

It’s a novel I’m sure my kids will be reading and I’ll be trying not to spoil it for them. It’s one I plan on reading again when I have the time just to relive every incredible moment. Splintered is one that reignites imagination, and I believe that is something we need in our lives now-a-days. So do yourself a favor and go read this book, if you haven’t already. If you have read it, feel free to read it again! There’s nothing to regret by either choice. Unless you choose not to read it…

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