Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Winter People by: Rebekah L. Purdy Review

On September 22nd, 2015 the sequel to The Winter People by Rebekah L. Purdy The Summer Marked will be out, and so will my own review of the book. So to prepare us all for that, I have decided to write a review for the first installment. Yay! Book Reviews!


So let me just say that I really love this book. It started off perfectly. It was dark, creepy, mysterious, and I literally had no idea what was going on and that was beautiful. There were these two mysterious hot guys and snow. Like, who could think of a better combination of things to write about?

So the main character Salome is like terrified of winter because when she was younger she almost drowned in a pond. She has this best friend Kadie (who isn't that important in this book compared to the sequel, which you will soon see) who supports Salome in her fear because she's a good friend and understands (also, Kadie is probably my favorite character, which will be explained further in the review for The Summer Marked). Yet, Kadie still likes to force Salome to push the boundaries of her comfort zone.

Anyways, Salome frequently is over at her grandmother's house and her grandmother is pushing Salome out in to the cold to go do chores out at this shed where she meets hottie number one: Nevin. This is the first guy Salome thinks she could really have feelings for and she looks forward to seeing him as often as she can. But then there's Gareth (swoons) who's like Salome's knight in shining armor on more than one occasion, so it's no surprise that she picks him in the end. Anyways, Gareth is mysterious but not in the way Nevin is. Nevin doesn't really go places besides that little spot on Salome's grandmother's property. Gareth is like in a band and Salome is instantly drawn to him.

Well, anyways, it turns out that there's this curse on Nevin and he's been using Salome to break it using magic, so she doesn't really love him, she just thinks she does. And there's this witch in the woods behind Salome's house trying to kill her. So there's tons of action and twisted romances.

I cannot say a bad thing about this installment until the very end of this book. And it's not really a bad thing. I don't know if I was just too stupid to realize it, or what, but I did not realize this book was about faeries until near the end. Salome also didn't until that point, and I think we both were a little shocked. I thought this was just a dark story and I loved that, but then Purdy had to explain it with fae and it just kind of felt like this bubble I created popped and I was brought into her story. And the ending was really abrupt and I just felt like it took so much away from the entirety of the story that I fell head over heals for.

Regardless, I'm not holding the faerie part against the author or the book. This is a definite recommend read and I can't wait for The Summer Marked!

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