Thursday, August 27, 2015

6. Celaena's Flashback to When She Totally Lost It

Number six on the countdown to Sarah J. Maas' Queen of Shadows release day is the time where we get a flashback to the infamous day in Endovier where Celaena hit her breaking point.

Celaena is probably the most interesting character I've ever read about. She's an assassin, who's actually a good person, but is completely strong and her own person. Let's not remember the times when YA heroines were completely dependent. And it's hard to when Maas has created characters like Celaena.

But so far in the story we've only seen the Celaena that has tried to put her past behind her. She doesn't think or talk much about her times in Endovier unless she's bragging about how she made it to the wall in an escape attempt when most don't. There's this mythical day that Celaena really pushes down and I was incredibly curious about what happened that day. But when we finally get insight into that day, it was more than I expected.

In this flashback, probably one of the most important flashbacks in the entire series, Celaena had broke. She killed plenty and tried to escape, but if you were to analyze this section of the book, you'd ask if she was really trying to escape, or if she wanted to get caught. Celaena was ruthless and readers got to see the darkest side of her that she has been trying to hide since Throne of Glass opened up.

Celeana is incredible at putting on a face and trying to be this tough person. And for the longest time, readers believed she could do no wrong. Even her mistakes were admirable. But then we get this flashback and suddenly everything is different. Sadder. It's not that we start to see Celaena any differently, but there is a definite newfound respect for her that grows after this scene.

Not only is it crucial to the storyline, but it's crucial to Celaena's character development and for that it has become one of my favorite moments in the series, even though it's not as bright and cheery as some of the other scenes.

Remember to check back tomorrow for number 5 on the countdown and get your copy of Queen of Shadows available September 1st!

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