Saturday, August 29, 2015

5. When Celaena becomes the King's Champion

Sorry this post is a little late, guys! But number five on the countdown goes to the end of Throne of Glass when Celaena wins the competition and becomes the King's Champion!

This moment was so important. Notice, she wasn't ecstatic about winning. It's no fun to win when everyone else dies. The competition put a real strain on her, plus she absolutely hates the king for what he has done to her family. He's her sworn enemy, yet she has just won a competition that puts her at his feet. But she does it not for the honor of winning, but because after four years she will be free from him. And that's all she's ever wanted.

I like this scene because it is crucial to the series plot development. And of course, as a reader, I get this weird feeling in my chest at the end when I realize what she's going to have to be doing and all the many levels that are associated with the simplicity of winning a tournament.

Check back until the Queen of Shadows release to see the official Cover to Cover Reviews' favorite moments from the series!

Queen of Shadows is available September first!

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