Sunday, August 30, 2015

3. When Celaena and Chaol Finally Ended Up Together

Eek! We're so close to the release day, I can almost feel the book in my hands! Queen of Shadows is about to grace our hands! Just a few more days, people! Technically two, if you don't want to count today. And as we're approaching that lovely release day, we have finally hit my top three favorite moments from the series.

Today on the countdown is dedicated to that moment in Crown of Midnight, I believe, where Celaena and Chaol finally end up together, which up until this point has all been under the radar and neither of them ever admitted it. So, yes, I practically screamed when I read that scene, if you know what I'm talking about.

This made this list, and I wish I had some profound reasoning, but really I was shipping them from the first chapter of the first book and was so excited. Of course, I kind of change my tune later on, but you'll get that news on September first.

Anyways, this was the moment all those on Team Chaol literally lost it and screamed. Yes, I am still screaming. Of course life had to go and complicate their relationship and now I'm not sure which boat I'm shipping, but I do know that this moment really made me happy.

Check back tomorrow for number two on the countdown and be sure to by your copy of Queen of Shadows on September 1st if you haven't preordered it already.

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